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Here are the policies and links for Hughes and WB on their FAP.


Fair Access Policy

To ensure fair Internet access for all HughesNet® subscribers, Hughes maintains a Fair Access Policy. This policy establishes an equitable balance in Internet access for all HughesNet subscribers. Hughes assigns a download threshold to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be continuously downloaded within specified time periods. Subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a temporary reduction of speed.

Home Plans
24-Hour Download Threshold
Basic 250 MB
Power 150 350 MB
Power 200 450 MB

Other service plans – promotional and legacy

Business Plans

24-Hour Download Threshold

Connect 100 250 MB

Connect 150 350 MB

Express 200 450 MB

Express 300 850 MB

Express 500 850 MB

How does the Fair Access Policy work?

The policy is implemented automatically by monitoring your usage over a rolling 24-hour period. Each HughesNet service plan is assigned a Download Allowance. The Download Allowance is the amount of data (in bytes) which can be downloaded by a subscriber without restriction within a rolling 24-hour period. As you download at a high rate, your allowance will be depleted. During periods of low use, your remaining allowance will slowly recover. When your usage over the past 24 hours exceeds that allowance, you will enter the Recovery Zone, and your download speeds will be reduced. During the Recovery Zone, your Download Allowance is slowly replenished, and after approximately 24 hours, your download speed will be restored. If you continue to use your service to download in the Recovery Zone, it may take more than 24 hours for your Allowance to be replenished and your speed to return to normal.


At WildBlue, our goal is to give each of our customers the fastest service possible at the lowest possible price. We are always striving to develop programs and policies that help make that possible. Our Fair Access Policy is designed to impact the fewest customers while helping ensure the best speeds for the vast majority of our customers.

WildBlue estimates that a small percent of customers account for a disproportionate share of data usage on the WildBlue network. To ensure that all WildBlue customers have equitable access to the WildBlue network, WildBlue has implemented a Fair Access Policy (or “FAP”). WildBlue sets usage thresholds on the amount of data you can upload and download within stated time periods. If you exceed these thresholds, WildBlue will temporarily limit the speed at which you can send and receive data over the WildBlue access network. You will still be able to use the WildBlue Internet access service but your speed will be slower. In cases of extreme and continued violation of the FAP limitations, your service may be terminated. WildBlue may use other traffic management and prioritization tools to help ensure equitable access to the WildBlue network for all customers. Your WildBlue Internet access is not guaranteed and is subject to this FAP.

Based on an analysis of typical customers, we have set a rolling 30-day limit on data usage per customer, called a Usage Threshold. As shown in the table below, this threshold varies based on the service plan you selected. For each service plan, the Usage Thresholds are significantly above the amount of data that is used by a typical customer. Every day, we measure your upload and download data usage (“Actual Usage”) to determine if your total Actual Usage, as aggregated over the previous 30 days (“Usage Total”), exceeds the Usage Threshold for the service plan that you selected. At any time, you can see your Usage Total versus your monthly Usage Threshold under the Customer Care section at

We will notify you via your WildBlue contact email address if your Usage Total reaches 80% or more of the Usage Threshold. If at any time your Usage Total is above the Usage Threshold, your usage has violated the FAP and we will reduce your WildBlue access speeds, typically to 128 kbps in the downstream (from the Internet to you) and 28 kbps in the upstream (from you to the Internet). Once your speeds have been reduced, you must decrease your usage to bring your Usage Total to 80% or less than the Usage Threshold. Once your Usage Total reaches this level, your access speeds will be restored to the original speed levels by the next day.

Failure to decrease your usage to 80% or less of the Usage Threshold by the following calendar month and each consecutive calendar month thereafter will constitute another FAP violation. If you violate the FAP in four consecutive months or at least once in each of five calendar months within any twelve month period – whether by exceeding the Monthly Usage Threshold or by remaining in a reduced-speed status -- WildBlue may terminate your Customer Agreement. Please see the WildBlue Customer Agreement for termination provisions, including applicable fees.

You are likely to avoid any limitations imposed by the FAP if your use is typical of the majority of Internet users and consists primarily of Web surfing and a reasonable amount of downloading. The table below shows the monthly Usage Thresholds for each plan. These limits specify the amount of data that you can upload and download before your access speed is reduced. Please note that your Usage Total is far more likely to exceed the Usage Thresholds below if you use peer-to-peer file sharing programs, you use a webcam or you download full length movies, large quantities of music files, full software applications or similar high-bandwidth activities.

WildBlue FAP Monthly Usage Thresholds:

...........................................Value Pak......Select Pak...........Pro Pak
Upload Threshold (MB) 1..........2,300...........3,000..................5,000
Download Threshold (MB) 2.....7,500.........12,000................17,000

1 Upload Threshold is the volume of data that can be uploaded during the previous 30 days before the Fair Access Policy may restrict the user’s speeds.
2 Download Threshold is the volume of data that can be downloaded during the previous 30 days before the Fair Access Policy may restrict the user’s speeds.

These terms and conditions state important requirements regarding your use of WildBlue’s High-speed Internet service and your relationship with WildBlue. You should read them carefully as they contain important information regarding your rights and ours. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you many not use the service and, subject to the terms of your Customer Agreement, you must terminate your service immediately.

WildBlue may revise this Fair Access Policy from time to time without notice by posting a new version of this document on, or any successor URL(s). All revised copies of the Policy are effective immediately upon posting. Accordingly, customers and users of WildBlue’s High-speed Internet service should regularly visit these web sites. Questions regarding this FAP and complaints of violations of it by WildBlue customers and users can be directed to WildBlue via “Help” email obtainable at

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Updated the this a little and fixed HughesNet as they now have a new website and have recently added more to their daily limit.
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