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May 20, 2011
Rincon, GA
Hey all,

I don't have a sling player yet. I had subscribed to Hulu+ for 7.99 a month and was able to get all the shows including fox shows online day after they aired. Well, I saw that Dish subscribers can get that without having to pay for hulu+. I cancelled my membership to Hulu+ and went to sign in with my Dish Online account info and it tells me my subscription does not get me the fox next day broadcasts. I chatted with a CSR at dish and this is basically what they said. Since I don't get the locals, it can not authenticate that I get Fox. But the reason I can't get the locals is that I am in Savannah, and I did not have access to the Western arc where the savannah locals are because I don't have line of sight. But our area does get locals. So I asked if they could show I get them even though I don't so I can at least watch those programs next day on fox or hulu. CSR through chat said they cannot do that.

Question: Any of you DIRT members think this would be possible? Should I try another CSR?

Thanks for any help. Seems like I'm getting screwed again.


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