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May 14, 2011
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Still trying to figure out the programming guide since switching from cable recently. I know I can go online and schedule shows to be recorded in the future. My question is that I can't figure out how to do that when I push the guide button on the remote. There doesn't seem to be a way to bring up dates in the future. Any help is appreciated.


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Sep 7, 2003
each press of the skip forward button will jump you one day forward in the guide

also you can type the number of hours you want to advance and then press the right arrow button.

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Jul 19, 2011
If you have a DVR receiver you can only go forward 7 days. You can schedule a recording for a future show as long as it is in that 7 day period. You can run a search by pressing the # button or manually scroll through the days with the blue arrows. If you have any other questions let me know.

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