HWS and Joey 2 Compatibility


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Feb 17, 2017
I have a Hopper with Sling (HWS) aka Hopper 2 and I want to add a Joey. I'd prefer to buy one online and install it myself so I can activate and deactivate as needed. I want to get a Joey 2 so it works when I have a need to upgrade to Hopper 3. It looks like the Joey 2 should be compatible, but I've seen a chart that says it needs to be customized to work with HWS. Can anyone tell me what this customization needs to be?

If it matters, My HWS is running the new Carbon UI and the online sellers say that Hopper 3 is required though some people have said HWS will work.

Thank you for your time.
Joey 2 had been released and sold/installed for HWS before the H3 came out, so yes.
It will work with the new CUI just fine on an HWS... There is no customization needed at all. You simply have a coax going from the node to the Joey, hook it up and activate it.
Thank you for the responses. I plan to get a Joey 2 as I trust this forum more than the online sellers. I had two ebay sellers tell me that I need a Joey 1. I am wondering if they are trying to sell their stock of Joey 1s while there is a little demand.

This is the link that added to my confusion: https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/h3_joey2.pdf which says it requires a work order modification to be activated.

Thanks again.
The main reason they try to be sure you get the right Joey is so that the remote will match what you have with your Hopper. Regular Joey's come with a 40.0 remote and Joey 2's come with a 52.0 remote.
Dish reps will tell you that a Joey 2 is not compatible with pre-Hopper 3 receivers. One of the DIRT folks even indicated the same when I inquired about buying my own Joey 2 (when we still had the Hopper w/Sling).
Thank you for the information. I bit the bullet and purchased a Joey 2. I will post my success/failure. In the worst case, I'll have it for when I upgrade to a Hopper 3.

I chatted with a Dish rep and asked whether a purchased Joey would work with my HWS now and Hopper 3 later. He said yes but did not specify the Joey model. He said I could buy my own through them and have a tech install it.

In case anyone else has the same question,
I posted a question on an Amazon item which got four replies.
  1. Yes,
  2. I don't know but the hopper 3 requires Joey 2,
  3. No,
  4. The one I bought worked with my Hopper with Sling.
It was sarcasm....

But, what I found was that Netflix has a system in which the device manufacturers "self certify" their hardware for running the Netflix software, so the blame lies with Dish, not Netflix.
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