I get both 129 and 61.5 sats


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May 5, 2005
As some of you may have read from my past posts, I have been debating figuring out a way to get both 129 and 61.5 satellites since it appears that Dish will be splitting the RSN HDs onto seperate birds.

I still qualified for a Dish 1000 from my previous 622 install (current set up is a Dish 500 for 110/119 and a second Dish 500 for 61.5). I set up to have the installer come out and when he got here I explained the situation. These guys have been pretty cool with me in the past and this time was no exception. He said that he could put up the 1000 and leave the second Dish 500 pointed at 61.5, but he instead suggested that he just put up a third Dish 500 and dedicate that to 129 since the signal strength would be better (none of the installers from this company like the Dish 1000, it seems).

He did the install and everything went fine. I now get both 61.5 and 129. It appears that the 622 is using signal strength as a decider for which bird it pulls from for a given channel. Since I get a higher signal off the 129 most everything in HD looks like it is getting pulled from that one. But the 622 should still pull channels for anything that appears on the 61.5 bird but not on the 129. May be a bit of overkill but if Dish does split those RSNs up then I will hopefully get all of them. I'll keep y'all posted! :D
Dosen't matter what port assignment. Mine would always pick 129 no matter where I had it placed so I just disconnected it.

I have higher signals off 61.5 than 129.
"Doesn't matter what port assignment. Mine would always pick 129 no matter where I had it placed"

Ditto. I saw the same thing at a friend's setup. The 622 always picked 129 no matter what we did.
Same here. It always pulls from 129 (using a DPP44). I really wish I could make it select 61.5 for everything but my ATL HD locals.
I think that the 622 pulls based on port assignment on the switch. It should still pull the channels not on one bird from the other. Check to see if you get channel 580 as it is only on the 61.5 bird and you should be set.

Yes, I get channel 580! My signal strength on 61.5 does not seem to be as good as before when I did not have 129 but that could just be coincidental. I am only getting around 68 signal strength. Still, channel comes in just fine. But 129 is definitely much stronger for me. In fact, it's pulling in around the low-mid 90s on that one.