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Feb 14, 2004
Hello to all.

I've been watching for a while and have decided to join the forum.

I had my much anticipated and many times delayed Voom install on Feb 10th and have enjoyed High-Def for 4 days now.


That said, I'll tell you that almost all of the horror of aquiring an installtion as described by most of your forum members is just what I have experienced in the last few weeks. But, Voom is now up and running in my house (2 receivers) and I am HAPPY.

Your forum has provided me with information that has consoled me in my time of need and I thank you all. Special thanks to Sean for his extraordinary efforts to provide us with timely information about Voom.

The only hurdle left is to receive OTA stations, then I'll have died and gone to HD Heaven
HD Junkie, Welcome to the board and glad that you are enjoying all the HD provided by VOOM; isn't it great? I like I told one of the board members this week. I hardly watch any SD programming anymore since I can always find something to watch on VOOM. I can't imagine how it is going to be when we finally get all the HD channels. Hope you get your OTA working and if there's something we can help you with let us know.
Thanks for your prompt reply, Sean.

"ALL HD - ALL THE TIME" is going to be my moto.

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