I need help getting my physical ird changed to the zip code I will be in soon


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Jun 20, 2006
I have a home in Florida. I am going to live in my RV for 3 months in Evanston, IL soon.

I will not have a mailing address there. How do I get dish to change my locals and regional sports network to that zip code?

Also do I just change to electronic bill and avoid missing my payment by paying online?

thank you.
you need to call Dish to change the address to get locals and the RSN for that area. Tell them to keep the mailing address as is (the Florida addy) but change the physical

You would still get the bill sent to the Florida address and you can view (and pay) online if you wish
so there is no going green thing where they cease mailing a bill?

my phone bill and bank statements are now electronic only

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