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May 26, 2006
I have a FTA small KU band dish. I had to move it and things got all messed up. I need to know what to set everything back to in order to hopefully find my satellite arc again.

The location I live in:
Latitude 39.2941403
Longitude -81.5444962

I have it set up on a level pole off my deck. attached to the pole is part where you can set your elevation or latitude. To that I have a DiSEqC H-H Motor attached.

What I am needing to know is. What should the first settings be on for my area of the attachment that is connected to the pole. And what should my settings be set for on the H-H dish mover. I know that the two of these are not set and the same elevation numbers etc.

I would appreciate it if someone would do the math for me and tell me what they are suppose to be set at... I am really wanting to get my FTA back up and running before it gets too cold outside to mess with it.

Thanks everyone.
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