i own a dish network 301 reciever, do i pay $4.99 a month to use it?


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Feb 27, 2004
southeast michigan
if i have my own 301 reciever through dish and i hook it up, do i have to pay the $4.99/month fee. i am getting dish installed on wed, my dad had an old reciever he gave me. dish told me that its $4.99/month for each reciever i get from them. now is that $4.99 a lease price to get a reciever at no charge? and since i have my own do i pay that fee?
this is how dish works....

first receiver you pay nothing. each extra receiver you have you pay an addtional $5/month for the access. if it's a PVR receiver, which yours isn't then you pay an additional $5/month for the PVR access. the older PVRs are excluded from the PVR fee but not from the extra receiver fee. they are the 7100, 7200, 501, 508 and 721.

I highly suggest taking some time and just reading most of the forum. enjoy.
Any small Dish company or digital cable company will make you pay at least $4.99/m for programming on each additional receiver. your not paying a rental fee.
If Dish is giving you new receivers, use their receivers and pay the $4.99. Do not pay $4.99 per month for an old receiver. They only give receivers to NEW subscribers. Once they have you, they will charge you for the extra receivers in addition to the $4.99 per month access fee.

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