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May 18, 2004
I just had Dish installed yeaterday. I have an 811 and a 522 hooked up to my Pioneer Elite Pro630. My TV does a fantantic job in stretch mode. When I use the 522 to watch TV I can control my stretch mode and TV looks fine, however when I use the 811 to watch SD channels, my TV is locked on full and I must use the * button which the stretch mode is absolutely horrible. Anyone know how I can overide the 811 stretch mode and use my own. Also are there any settings on the TV and reciever I should check to get maximum pq, ie 480I, 720P or 1080i. Im confused by all this and any help would be greatly appreciated. :no


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Jan 2, 2004
its your TV limiting the strech, not the 811. Component inputs are limited to a certain mode for an HD or considered HD signal, which you can't change for the most part.


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Sep 8, 2003
Like they said, Many TVs have limited stretch functions with an HD signal. You can see how the TV responds to the 811 when set to output 480p. For best PQ, generally, having the 811 set to output the broadcast's native resolution is usually best. You need to experiment with your TV's format conversion to see what the best resolution is on the different HD formats.

You can also use the 811's S-Video output to enable the TV's stretch and zoom functions also.

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