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Sep 7, 2003
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OK we have seen others offer their predictions, now it's my turn. :)

Of course none of these may happen, or all of them may happen. Its just fun to put on the magic hat.

I predict that Dish Network will have more HD Content before the end of the year

I predict that the new HD will be aired off the 61.5 Satellite

I predict that Dish will announce a major partnership with a major content providers to get more content.

I predict this announcement will surprise a lot of people.

I predict SatelliteGuys.US will get it's 5,000th member TODAY.

Ok I am done predicting for now. :D

Let's see how I do.
Do your predictions have any insider info to back it up or is this just some speculation?

I predict that if Dish does do something pretty radical (more channels than or comparable to Comcast) I will drop them like a load of crap.
These predictions are just mine, they are based off of nothing solid, just gut feelings, mixed with some buzzing I have been hearing plus the pictures I am seeing when I gaze into this crystal ball. :)

These are not rumors, or speculations, just predictions. :D (well I guess they sort of are speculations...) :D

It's good to imagine sometimes.
Dish Network Horoscope: When Echostar 3 passes a full moon, new business will come into light, be patient and work for the best. A special partner may be on the horizon, look your best to catch their eye.
silversurfer01973 said:
Scott, you got your last predicition right!

Its AMAZING, on April 10th we had our 4,000th member and in less then a month we are now celebrating our 5,000th member!

Thank you to all!!!

BTW I would love for you guys to think a bit, and write your predictions here, what do you think will happen in the satellite industry by the end of the year? Give it some serious thought.

Maybe at the end of the year we can look back and see who has a better crystal ball. :)
More HD?
Major Partnership?
Surprise Everyone?

I know, I know, I know.....Dish is going to buy VOOM! God, I hope not, I thought I was free of them.
The last prediction happened already. All other predictions can possibly be satisfied with one thing, DISH + VOOM deal/partnership/acquisition.

Is it it?

Why do you think any new HD will go on 61.5,does not dish have any new birds going up this year to 110 or 119 and I thought that 61.5 was pretty full after losing a couple of transponders to Voom?
I predict more LIL! Everyone is on the race to see how many LIL Markets they can service.

E* Will contiune to seak out other slots for LIL and possible HD/International programming.

We will see a few additional shopping channels I am sure!

E* will at some point add additional HD Content, probally to 110 (when the new bird goes up or 61.5/148.

I think with the increase competition from Cable MSOs and the increase partinering E* and D* are doing with the baby bells ( I see SBC Dish Network billboards all over town... here in Columbus) It will be an interesting year for us satellite folks.

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