I re-upped into another 2 year contract- Uverse trial over. (1 Viewer)


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Jun 6, 2004
Pompano beach, Fl
I tried out Uverse. 2nd time since coming to florida.
I was even thinking of adding a 4th receiver.

No contract, cheaper price, just as good picture.
Great Vod.

Well after 2 weeks. Comparing dish with Uverse, Dish won out.

Kind of silly but the sound out of dish recievers is much louder than
all receivers ive had.
Also I think dish has more HD. At least more of what I liked.

Plus dish dvrs are still the best.

I did like Wealth HD. Interesting channel.
Halogen also had some neat stuff.

So, I added another receiver and locked myself back in with dish.

I hate those pesky contracts but what the hell. Im not going any where.


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Aug 1, 2011
Yep, Dish has more HD content than anyone. If you're into HD and don't already have it, you should check out Dish platinum. It's a $10 add-on that gets you a bunch of HD movie channels and some "view on demand" movies in Dish cinema.

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