I subscribe to The Premium package what will streaming offer me? Because on demand isn't that great (1 Viewer)

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Feb 16, 2009
I haven't looked in to it yet, but what will streaming offer me over the transmissions I receive and record from my receiver?

Is the steaming done from the receiver or an App on my Apple TV or iOS device? Is there a limit to how many devices can stream simultaneously?

What is the quality of the streaming? Worse, same, or better?

I hate watching network shows on demand because it's often in SD, plus they don't allow you to rewind or fast forward, like they are punishing you for using the service, will this be the same for streaming and will they ever fix that horrible issue with on demand networks?


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May 29, 2007
Depends on the service. Vue right now has a DVR so it is mostly business as usual. You're correct, the other streaming options don't really have a DVR option and on demand kind of sucks. So does watching TV like in the 80's having to sit down at 8pm on the dot to watch your show or hope to catch it IF the provider offers on demand.

Sling is adding a DVR here soon and who knows what AT&T will do and when. Competition in the space is just starting to heat up. There will be other big players entering over the next few years and life is good for consumers.

All providers have varying degrees of channels in their lineups. Everyone has a different opinion on what they can and can't live without. So look into each one if you're interested and see what fits for you.
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