I think I found a solution to the Lack of Full time HD RSN's issue.


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Aug 5, 2004
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So.. You want to offer full time HD RSN's, other national channels, and full time hd locals and don't have the bandwidth now, well here's a national slot for you... Now that D* doesnt want the 97 ka degree slot. Found this gem on the other site. :D Getter done!




All you have to do is file with the FCC and build a few sats! Actually what I could do with a whole slot.. Too bad I don't have the capital to do so!

I am at the point now where my contract with D* is completely over. I can walk without any issues or fees, but I haven't because Dish has not given me any reason to want to come back. At this time, Dish's programming doesnt meet my needs as I refuse to pay for any JIP crap. If I want to watch poker in HD on my local RSN I should be able to do so! It's amazing that were in 2012 and were still talking about this! Looking at my local comcast lineup, they actually match what Directv does and you can see what contracts comcast has up for expiration. Upcoming Contract Renewals It would be amazing if dish took a page from comcasts book and posted the same information publicly. I suspect that we wont see HDRSN's until a snowball can freeze in hell, wich according to charlie from one of his chats was suppose to have been June of last year if I remember correctly.

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Sep 7, 2003
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I have a better solution.............1-800-directv

He already called it which is why I keep wondering why he keeps trolling here and posting the same thing week after week. DISH knows they don't have 24 hour RSN's its not a surprise for them. :)


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So you do not subscribe to Dish, have no intention of doing so unless you can watch Poker in HD. Ok, thanks.

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