I thought Tivo had Name based recording patented?


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Sep 7, 2003
I was under the impressed that Tivo "owned" the rights to name based recording. That's what Charlie always said when asked about why Dish wasn't doing it. What has changed? Has there been a deal with a company that has rights to do this (like Microsoft/Dishplayer)? Or is a massive lawsuit coming from Tivo?
Tivo has a patent on their method of NBR, not any and all possible methods of accomplishing this function. I do not believe they hold a copyright for the words Name Based Recording either.

Of course, with our legal system this does not preclude a lawsuit. I belive there is already one that has been filed.
Isn't that like the strategy the auto companies used on the guy who patented interval wipers. He won his cases, but is broke due to all of the legal fees.
Why would Rupert back them..... He'd just as soon let them go bust and buy up the carcass for 10 cents on the dollar. Assuming he doesn't push them out of business first by announcing that they will go the proprietary route like E* (and like he does in teh rest of the world)
Curtis0620 said:
You do realize that Rupert Murdock is backing them in this suit, don't you?

A win would put his SkyTv DVR box in jeopardy as well. That doesn't make sense. Where did you see this item?
Perhaps now that TiVo is sueing over something as trivial as multiple streams to/from a hard drive, Echostar figures "... in for a pound".

Add the feature and fight it out in court. They can certainly try to implement in a manner that doesn't conflict with TiVo Patents.

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