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Mar 18, 2004

I have a Sony HS500 36"
for over a year, I live in Erie, PA and do not have any HD from OTA or Adelphia.
So I was thinking,

I have 4 TV's
Keep Basic Cable to get locals, WB, USA, ESPN, TNT etc. these are the ones I want VOOM does not have. I want THE GOLF CHANNEL.
by the way my locals do not broadcast HD, only the PBS station, 2 locals broadcast SD, and they do not know if they will go HD
Get VOOM and HBO pack.

So, what do I do, my Sony is crying for HD input.



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Sep 30, 2003
Bergen co NJ
cost you nothing to try it.that's the beauty and after you see all those HD programs you will find yourself watching things you never thought you would have before(campy monsters, soccer,discovery hd etc)

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