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Feb 13, 2008
Colorado Springs
I like the way they "Thank you for you patience". "PATIENCE MY ASS, I'm going to kill something"

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Pub Member / Supporter
Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
That is so TRUE in what they show in the video. I have been dealing with that all week. Between Spectrum internet and DISH setting up an appointment for a tech to come out, I have been wanting to pull out my hair. This week alone I had to have Spectrum come out and and run a new coax connection to my house. Stupid neighbors cut through the line last Saturday. So he comes at 8pm in the dark. So here we are trying to see what we are doing with a flashlight app on his cell phone. Now I have internet coming in but it has dropped to only 20mpbs download speed instead of the 100 I'm paying for. So after 4 calls ,one of them they cut me off on, I have another appointment to have the tech come out and look at my modem tomorrow Sunday at 9am.

DISH came out yesterday around 2pm and he had no clue that I wanted to have two new lines run to my tv since the older coaxes got flooded out in Tropical Storm Imelda last month and stopped working after 23 years.Seems there were barrel connectors in the lines that got water in them. I also wanted to add my hopper and 2 joeys back on my account. I also wanted a second dish I installed peaked . All of this I made clear to the tech on the phone when I set it up a week ago. So he had to call his supervisor to get his ok to stay longer and run the lines. Now I did the work of pulling the cables under the house to my connection at the back of the trailer. All he had to do was supply the line and put the connectors on the end. I also had all the receivers in place and I ended up calling DISH to have them turned on. Because he acted like he didn't have time. He left by 3:20 pm. I was his last appointment of the day. But he did do one thing I haven't seen many do. At the back of the house where I had the cables coming in and the switch was hooked up, he looked at all my connectors and cut them off and added new ones in place. It looks like after all these years and two floods the connectors were getting corroded, and these were all zip tied to the upper part of the house so they didn't get water in them. He peaked the sat dish and it turned out he just needed to move it to the right a bit and I had great signals on both satellites. At least this time DISH didn't cancel the appointment the day of and never tell me like they did a month or so ago.
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