IA6 satellite screwy...confused

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This is really weird and have't really noticed it until tonight

Was scanning IA6 and picked up a few feeds that had really low quality (barely a 10 on the Pansat) and doesnt even register on the Coolsat. But If I go East one click (which on the Coolsat is probably 3 clicks) then those said feeds come in great


The other chanenls on the satellite the signal drops.

Doc Scott goes from 76 to 66
CBS Newsfeed goes from 72 to 64
a TP that has a feed that comes and goes all the time went from 66 to 0
Azteca went from 79 to 72

If I moved back, then the signal goes up but the other TP's go bye bye.

One thing is all the normal channels are on V and these "feeds" are H...how does that work (I thought the same satellite had the same beam down). Why would H be off (so its like at 92.7 instead of 93.0) ??
I have noticed the same phenom! I put it down to satellite wobble!
PSB said:
I have noticed the same phenom! I put it down to satellite wobble!

OK so I aint crazy...this might be why I could never get CLassic Arts because its a H transponder and the dish was aimed for the V side.

I also noticed Classic Arts is scrambled mainly then its free for a while! Right now scrambled again!
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