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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 6, 2008
Hi all.
I'm using 2 out of 3 Net Vista PC's. that I own,, I know you can say sorry later.. LOL
All kidding aside, I run others that are faster (by seconds, goodness knows we can't wait!!!) but I have to say that the low noise factor from the fans are superior from the IBM's.
2 things I would like to point out for others that might have IBM's.
1- Make sure air circulation ports are always free and clean the interior with what ever method you may have available at least once per year.
2- When running the CMOS the "normal or quiet" mode, the fan monitors the chip temp and activates the fan as needed! If you don't see then turning after bootup,, don't worry!!

I say this as I have another PC that the fan runs REALLY loud at times.
I recently got a used IBM unit where someone wired the CPU fan to the power for constant high speed. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner running 24/7. That person for sure saw the fans not moving and worried!!
www.speedfan.? showed me that things were cool alright, but to cool. Research tells me that max limit is 72C and the thing was running at 30C
When I re-wired fans back to MFG specs, the machine ran faster and the fans activated as needed. It's running hotter but faster in a controlled enviroment that it was designed for, I think?
Now this is by my own observations. Seems like the optimal temp makes them work better?
This is not my field and would like others that have insight to reply!!
Thanks tracker.

this is by my own
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 5, 2010
I put together my own PC with an Intel motherboard and an Intel processor about 5 years or so ago that had the fan speeds controlled by software. It's not just an IBM computer thing.
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Too many cables
Supporting Founder
Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
Fan speed control has become an important part of PC case design. Many cases now have a lot of vents for passive cooling so the fans do not have to run at high speeds. | Everything about Silent / Quiet Computers has a lot of articles/tests/forums/ideas on making a really quite PC.

As far a optimal temperature, most BIOSs now have the automatic logic built in for fan control. 45-50c seems to be the range they like to keep the temperature before ramping up the fan speed.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 6, 2008
Fleetfarmer, I'm sure you are quite right. It just seems like the IBM's are where I found most of the questions regarding this topic as they seem to be very quiet. My Dell sometimes sounds like a jet ready for take off!! It doesn't ramp down either after it cools? I have to hit it into hibernate and start it again to quiet it down. Would be nice if it had a CMOS setting for fan control but it doesn't?
Mike, you hit on my point as well that processors do like a little/controlled heat to operate at their best. Thanks for posting the link. I will read it.
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