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Feb 6, 2008
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Would I stilll get all my channels including locals...I'm in the Charlotte area if that helps...I don't want to lose any hd or any extra channels right now...Have 250...hd and plat hd with cinemax, hbo, showtime...the wifey watches the local channels and would they all be in hd still???

Thinking about getting 1000.4 to get the new hd channels that came out a few weeks ago...

Thanks in advance


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Mar 16, 2004
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maybe somebody knows off the top of their head, I don't and I'm not looking it up but you can, just go to thelist and look for the local channels you're getting and see if they are on 61.5, 72.7 or 77 which is what you'll get with that 1000.4 dish.


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Dec 15, 2005
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I've got a "if i get a dish 1000.4 ? also". mine is , how many receivers can it support? does it or can it use a separate switch like a 34 or 44? I saw the specs on it and they say it can support up to 3 boxes. I have 4 vips 1 dual and 3 singles. will they all work? Right now I have 2 34's in series with 2 500's for 61.5,110 and 119 but need to get EA to get all channels, no LOS for 129.

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