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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Dear SatelliteGuys.US Users,

It has come to my attention that another site (DBSTalk.COM) has recently started telling some of it’s users that this web site is so good because it is that Dish Network financially supports this board.

That statement is 100% False.

I have also been accused of doing “illegal” things at DBSTalk since leaving that site. Again this is 100% false.

Then there has been someone posting at DBSTalk as a user named “Sam Spade” which has been embarrassing to me as well as DBSTalk, now that I know more I suspect that Sam Spade was really a DBSTalk staff member trying to get people to turn on my and this site. And if that is true that is very sad. To make matters worse they have accused me of being that user.

It’s really sad there have been lots of accusations from DBSTalk with no proof of anything. I have proof on my side, my financial records are available to anyone who wants to come to Connecticut and see them, my whereabouts at the time of postings from “Sam Spade” are also logged. And I also have copies of the DBSTalk Database which shows what really went on behind the scenes.

It is because of all of this that I am now seeking legal council for a lawsuit for libel against DBSTalk and its staff and advertisers. This is not something I want to do but now I feel I have no further choice in the matter. I must defend myself from these comments and accusations and intent to take all legal remedies to protect myself and this site, which I have worked so hard to build up.

For the record SatelliteGuys.US is in no way endorsed and or supported by ANY satellite Company.

All costs of the board have been paid out of my pocket and from the kind donations from some of our users. So far the board has operated at a negative especially when you factor in that I went to Baltimore on my own dime, and paid for my admission to the show, airfare and hotel out of my pocket so that I could bring my sites members the first looks of new Dish Network products.

As you know we have started a new store SatelliteGuysStore.COM at this time we have NOT earned one cent profit. As I mentioned when we opened this store all money raised would be used to help pay expenses to keep this site alive, any extra money left over will be used buy satellite equipment to give away to our members for contests. In fact last weeks prize giveaways from our Tech Chat… Chat were paid for out of pocket.

I take great pride in working as hard as I do to bring you the best satellite news anywhere, there are days I work 16 hours or more making this site the best it can be. I am proud to dig up stories and news items to bring to you. Many of you folks might think that my phone rings and Dish Network is at the end of the line with news for me to post, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of my news comes from various anonymous sources both inside and outside the satellite companies, in fact most information lately comes from people like parts suppliers or people who work for one TV network or another. I take their info and then investigate it until the pieces fit well enough to post a news story. I am proud to say I work to bring you the news I do, nothing is handed to me.

Some times it look as though I favor Dish Network over DirecTV or VOOM, this is true as I am a Dish Network customer and do not subscribe to another satellite service. I am sure if I were a DirecTV customer I would be digging just as hard for DirecTV news. And as you have seen I do have contacts to bring you DirecTV and VOOM news first.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Satellite TV Technology and I love being able to share what I know with you our members. I take great pride in what I do to make SatelliteGuys.US one of the best Internet forums anywhere. Again I do this because I love it! This is a hobby to me, if I got paid to do this it would be a job and therefore it would not be fun for me to do.

Everything done here at SatelliteGuys.US is done for you our members; this is why we listen to all your questions, comments and suggestions. I really did not want to make any of this public, but did so as I felt I needed to make clear the reputation of not only myself but also my site, which I am very proud of.

Thank you for your support of SatelliteGuys.US!



I read your message and I think you have every right to defend yourself but if I were you, I would just let it go. It's too much of a headache even to think about it and by doing so I think you are given more credit to those that have started the rumors.

I have never met you but I spoken to you over the phone (briefly) and know you more for the work and effor that you put in in delivering satellite information. Whether E* or any other source has given to you, I do not care. What I care about is that you have made every effort to obtain it and this why I have decided to come to this site. The future of is in good hands because you have been very upfront about how you use the financial donations collected at I would not lose much sleep about this, Scott and let the dog bark all he/she wants.

Just my $0.02.
There will be no lawsuit.

Today I spoke at length with Bill R who calmed me down greatly. (Thanks Bill)

I have also been talking with Mark Lamutt from DBSTalk who has also helped calm me down as well.

And I have been talking with Chris Blount from DBSTalk and I think we can both admit some stupid stuff was done by both of us.

I am not affraid to do whatever it takes to protect the site I have work hard for, and the name I have built up for myself. If a lawsuit was the answer I would have followed through on it.

But in passing now, I believe me and Chris should find the time to sit down and have a beer.

Damn too bad Connecticut is so far away from Texas.
I have not been back in months. I'm just no interested in dealing with users like Hack that have so much hatred about this.
James said:
I have not been back in months. I'm just no interested in dealing with users like Hack that have so much hatred about this.

You and me both, James... (about dealing with the hate-filled users that is) Fortunately, we haven't seen Hack in awhile.
markdl said:
You and me both, James... (about dealing with the hate-filled users that is) .
I'd hope so, otherwise I have some questions for that guy sending the Survivor emails. ;)
I am glad to see that things have calmed down. I would hate to see the community divided in this way.

And since Texas and Connecticut are so far apart I invite both of you to the reservation this weekend. There will be plenty of chilled beverages and perhaps a peacepipe to smoke.

Hopefully you have no resrvations about making reservations to come to the reservation. All you have to do is write to me at or call. I think you both have my number. No smoke signals do not work---that is something straight out of old westerns.
awax said:
I enjoy reading both sites even though I don't post alot, I hope that ya'll can get passed this.

Could't have said it any better!

1. Forget the negativity. Whether the anti-Scott talk at is by some random user or is a DBSTalk big wig hiding behind an anonymous handle, let it go. The more this noise overwhelms the truly useful info there, the more it will drive the user who JUST WANTS TO TALK SATELLITE to your site.

2. For whatever reasons there are a LOT of trolls who want to slam anything E* does and tell them to go to D*. Since you always seem to have a LOT of useful E* info (some rumor, some fact), a lot of us E* users will gravitate to you. I've been steadily adding the "usual suspects" to my ignore list at the other site and it has greatly cut down on my aggravation level and I suggest you do the same as well.

3. Realize that most posters are frustrated critics. It is always much easier to criticize, rather than actually DOING something constructive like you have with starting this other site.

4. I empathize with your workload, as a partner in my own business, my "salary" doesn't cover all of the overtime I put in.

5. Don't let the critics divert you from your mission of keeping us informed. I could give a rat's posterior for what some whiner who ALWAYS complains about his equipment says. Running around trying to stomp cockroaches will only take time away from other useful endeavors. Unlike the real insects, ignoring them will make them go away or at least decrease in volume. Remember, in any problematic situation, there is the problem, and your reaction to the problem. You can't always control the former, but you can control the latter.

6. Realize that over the last three years, D*'s market share has fallen, while E*'s continues to rise, in SPITE of the exclusivity of Sunday Ticket and The YES network on D*. Given E*'s notoriously buggy equipment this drives some of the D* fans insane. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of the bugs are minor annoyances at worst to most people and are nowhere near as severe as the Dishplayer had in its prime. I'm sure that Rupert will be able to do something to raise D*'s game, but it will be a year before we see anything on that front (assuming the antitrust boys don't shoot it down).

Bottom line,... love the site, love the E* info, and love the daily diversion it gives me. Keep it coming. And remember, big changes are coming as a flurry of new receivers, technologies, and programming will become available. The old Chinese Curse of "May you live in interesting times" is appearing to be headed our way... For better or worse, the conversations will be plentiful.
When people post such things it is done to make people mad at each other and so forth and if you do get mad at each other the person that posts such things gets their way. By handeling things like adults in a formal manner shows that you will not let such posters that try to cause trouble to get their way.

No matter how good a site may be there is always going to be someone that will eventually try to stir up trouble. That is to be expected on the world wide web.
There's room for more than one satellite site in my browse pattern. I really enjoy the emergence of this one.
I would have to agree with you bytre. Just like there is room for more than one satellite provider and room for more than one news channel, it is no different on the internet when it comes to message boards.
Scott Greczkowski said:
There will be no lawsuit.

Today I spoke at length with Bill R who calmed me down greatly. (Thanks Bill)

You are welcome Scott. I am glad I could help. I am likely the oldest person on this board (as far as age is concerned) and maybe I am getting wiser as I get older.

As I said in the alt.dbs.echostar newsgroup, Scott is really a great person and he deserves a LOT of credit for making this place really great in such a short period of time.
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