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Mar 25, 2009
Gettysburg, PA
Over the last few weeks several TV stations in the Harrisburg PA market have moved to their new broadcast location as part of the channel repack and now the OTA guide data from Dish is mismatched.

Fox43 WPMT became a sub-channel WITF PBS and when I tune OTA Fox I get the PBS guide.

Cozi TV WGCB 49 became a sub-channel of ABC WHTM and when I tune Cozi OTA I get the ABC guide.

This could end up becoming an ongoing problem across the county as the repack is scheduled to take place over the next two years.

Anyone else seeing this in your market?


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Apr 8, 2013
Milwaukee , WI
Wish that was all that's wrong here in Milwaukee. 2 Sinclair stations 18.1 & 24.1 show same guide data 24.1 is wrong ,24.2 wrong also. 2 Wiegel stations METV 41.1 & WMLW 49.1 show same guide data in Spanish , they are not Spanish station and have different programing. PBS 36.1 has lost guide data and is now DIGITAL SERVICE , 36.2 is OK ,36.3 now DIGITAL SERVICE .Lost PBS 10.1 years ago but 10.2 is OK , 10.3 now DIGITAL SERVICE. Can't get DISH HD locals because of LOS and with a 722k feeding 10 tv's will not go to a Hopper to get enough tuners if I didn't have LOS problems.
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