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Dec 11, 2005
Cleveland, OH
Looks like bad news on the Indy HD front for us Dish Network customers.. Here's a snippet taken from WTHR

WTHR's digital HDTV station, WTHR-DT, is broadcast over the air and is also carried on all major cable TV systems as well as DirecTV. At this time, Dish Network has indicated that they have no near term plans to carry any Indianapolis HDTV stations. That is a Dish Network decision and if you have questions you'll need to contact Dish Network.

I've been with Dish for nearly 10 years now. Just a few days ago I upgraded to a ViP 622 and 211.

I read these forums and other forums quite often but post rarely. So I knew at one point Indy HD locals were listed at the EKB. I really didn't pay a whole lot of attention but did notice they were removed. Maybe they weren't actually there I don't know.

I get the Indy HD locals OTA so I am lucky.

My question is this. Where the Indy HD locals uplinked at one point then removed? I asked my installer when he put in my Dish 1000 and new receivers. He said the Indy stations were demanding money or not willing to work with Dish to make them available. I think if that is the case it may be like I heard when the old SD locals went up ages ago. I think then WTHR demanded Dish also carry that weather channel. In the end Dish didn't have to since law didn'r require it? Could something similar be happening now? Maybe WTHR has that snippit on their website so shift blame from them to Dish about not carrying Indy HD locals.

I just wish I wasn't near the airport. The planes go over in just the right place a lot to disrupt my signal. Sometimes it goes out for a second, other times on 129 it goes out for 5 seconds.
I wouldn't be surprised if WTHR caused DISH some problems, but all the networks were holding out, or DISH would have given us what they could.

The problem is the local networks. Cable companies pick up local channels for free, and are required by law to distribute them. Satellite companies on the other hand, have to negotiate a carriage rate for each channel. That's also the reason (supposedly) that we have to pay more for our local channels.

Doesn't make any sense why cable gets them for free, and satellite doesn't? Hundreds of people have pondered that question, and they can't ever seem to find the answer.

welcome to satelliteguys!
Cable definitely does not get them for free. Last I read, Sinclair is pulling their channels off Comcast and Time Warner on 2/1 as they want more money.
Cable definitely does not get them for free.
They can, it's called "must carry" and is an FCC rule. TV stations of a large enough size and transmit power can basically tell the local cableco "carry our station" and they have to, with no money changing hands.

The TV stations, actually their huge parent companies, nowadays feel that consumers have to have their channel and can threaten to pull their carriage with no recourse. They no longer use the 'must carry' clause since we expect the cableco to offer the station and we can't possibly live without it. I really hope the cablecos stand up to the TV stations and don't give in. TV stations get their money from advertisers, who pay based on # of viewers. Far more viewers come from cable than do from over-the-air or satellite.
Dish offered to help me buy an antenna. Although their offer doesn't cover my costs, I think I am going to go ahead and get an antenna...and point it at LOUISVILLE. I'm in Columbus, and I think I might be able to get those stations as well as I could Indy. If Indy won't play ball with Dish, I'm not going to watch them.
well heres my 2 cents and dish..i've only had dish for about 2yrs now, and when i got it installed, they told me NOT to go out and buy an antenna for HD, that they would be available "soon". BULLS**T! in my option, if dish really wanted the indy HD locals to be on the air right now, they would have made a deal by now! but, thats just me!! since i joined dish, i started out with only 1 322, and have since upgraded to 4 vip211's. anyways, i had a 50' tower installed, with a rotor, and can pickup over 60 HD "local" channels from all over ind, ohio, ill, ky, and mich. all you need is a HD ready tv! DISH can't give me that!! and if i should ever decide to get rid of dish, i still got the 60 HD channels! for the price i paid for the tower to pickup all the "locals", it's well worth it! let'em keep there HD feeds! SORRY, i'm done bitchin now
Dish offered to help me buy an antenna. Although their offer doesn't cover my costs, I think I am going to go ahead and get an antenna...and point it at LOUISVILLE. I'm in Columbus, and I think I might be able to get those stations as well as I could Indy. If Indy won't play ball with Dish, I'm not going to watch them.

You should definately be able to get the Louisville stations in Columbus. I live in Shelbyville and have gotten those stations with my outside antenna several times. I usually watch the Indy 500 live that way.
I finally got Terk amplfied antenna from for $76 and installed in the attic. At first tried the OTA connection on my 211/411 and could only get about half the Indy channels and could not keep any of them locked for any length of time. Hooked up the antenna to my 50" Samsung DLP's HD tuner and all is well. Get all Indy and Lafayette DT and subs with only a pic dropout, no sound dropout, once a week. My 720p/1080i DLP will display the resolution of the OTA channel. The subs are OK, but when the regular channel is 720p or 1080i the pic is great--better than most Dish HD. Getting the Indy HD sooner or later will be OK, but really wou't need them now. It is a shame I had to spend over $125 for antenna and RG6 for something others are getting "free" so-to-speak in other cities from Dish.

The Sony 34" CRT HGTV/ViP622 we have in the family room does not have an HD tuner, so I'm screwed there until Dish offers local HDs.
That's quite odd (I think) Most users are reported that the 622 had a much stronger OTA receiver than before. Glad to hear your Sammy DLP is treating you well. I've been looking at one for a long time now...

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