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Dec 20, 2006
I'm remolding our house and I'm putting in a new home theater system with Directv HD. The dish I have now is on my car port but shots through the top of a pine tree with no problems with signal strenght. I have read that I need a clear shot with the 5 lnb HD dish.

My problem is, the distance is around 150 ft for a clear shot and I will be using the wb68 switch which tells no more than 100 feet..

Can I do this distance.

Thanks for any input.
The problem is that you need a wider view of the sky to see all 5 satellites. I don't know how many you are seeing now, but you need to be able to get a clear shot at 99-101-103-110-119. If you have a single LNB dish, it is likely pointed at the 101.

A bigger question might be if the carport can even support the bigger, heavier dish.

I would call D* and see what conclusion the installer comes to. If he installs it and there are problems, you have a 90 day warranty (I think it is 90 days.)

My run is about 120 feet from the furthest receiver to the dish with no problems so far.
If you currently get the normal sats fine, 101, 110 and 119, you should have no problem with the 5 lnb. provided your signal is good on all the listed sats, the 99 is only 2 degrees different, should not be a problem.

As for distance, my buddies goes at least 100 ft with no trouble, probably more like 125 actually, some have mentioned that you can go farther length with the 5 lnb. I have seen some going as much as 200 ft.

Thanks guys for your input. I read that some people go up to 150 ft. I'm going to have my first dirctv ever to be set up by a installer. I will let him call the shots.

Thanks Jimbos and paulman182

Please reply by conversation.

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