Question regarding stationary Camper setup.

Why not just get a Starlink terminal and stream to your campsite? This way you can do more than just watch tv. You said your cell signal is crap, so that would solve two problems at once?
That would definitely be cheaper than a new DTV account.

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I camp every weekend. I own a permanent site at a campground 80 miles away and have DirecTv at home.

How can I cheaply get DirecTv at the camper.

I have a guy that would install the dish and connect the receiver. However he told me it has to be a HR24 and I have read where DirecTv stopped activating those (those post were made back in 2022 so I’m not sure).

I don’t mind spending money, but it has work. Tired of missing sports while camping.

I thought I could just buy HR24 and get it activated, but sounds like that could be an issue now.
As I see it, you have three options::

Switch to Dish network, buy a self aiming Directv dish from Winegard or if you're RV park has reliable wifi, buy a firestick and install Directv app.

I've had Dish for over 8 years, I have an extra dish at deer camp and bring my Wally; I'm 115 miles from my house, works like a champ. IMO, Dish is more flexible and has equipment more readily available. I've also driven around my town and will stop at random houses I observe having an unused dish. Most people beg me to remove their old dish from their yards. I have 6 dishes in my barn just waiting...

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