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Jan 17, 2008
After a few different calls I seem to have gotten a good deal, $44.99 a month for "Plus HD/DVR" and free 2nd HD receiver for my other HD TV, install included & first three months of Premier.

The price includes $5.00 off a month for Credit card billing, and a one time $21 sign up fee.

And the assurance of local HD for the Wilnington, NC area by the end of February....Ha Ha I hope it's true but I'm guessing he was blowing smoke up my you know where on that one.

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Jul 11, 2004
Sounds fishy, were you a previous customer? If yes, then I could see them doing that. Otherwise it's $49.99 for that package + $4.99 for room 2. This already includes the $23 rebate which you must submit. Expect that to kick in on you 2nd or 3rd bill.


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Jul 14, 2005
NW Ohio - Buckeye Country
This must be before they add in all the other stuff that make the NEW packages.
$ 10 for HD Access
$ 5.99 for DVR access
$ 5.00 for second rec.

The actual programming may be $ 44.99, which is really cheap as most plans start around 52+

Unless you got the family package that is cheaper and added the addl stuff to that, that would be closer ...
Maybe you DID get the normal package and they have already added (subtracted) the $23. credit you were talking about ... that too would come out to being close to the price you quoted.

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