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Mar 12, 2006
Man what a nightmare as expected did not have 44 switch even tho they were told 4 times it was needed had to fight for two hours to get it or at least told they had ordered it would be delivered ups 2 days.
But they wanted to reschedule me in a month to do install told them no way with April 1st coming up so the installer said he could set up the 1000 dish and the 622 and one other receiver but would have to do with out one till the 44 switch came in said OK he installed the dish 1000 on my 500 pole I thought you had to replace it for the one that came with the 1000 first he had the dish pointed to the south east keep telling him it was pointed wrong and all you had to do was look at the house next door finally he pointed to south south west started to get signal when done could not get any voom hd was told they will take time to so up he left now the signal is 129=25,110=80,119=100
Was getting 119=120,110=115 he is supposed to come back after his next call he only spent maybe 5 minutes trying to adjust.

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