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Jul 28, 2005
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Doing a self installation and it's not going as planned (zip 90064)

Here is what I have:
3 Satellites going into a multi-dish switch dpp44 (on the left side, room for 4 inputs).

A line going out from the bottom (labeled to power inverter) to a power inverter dp44 then into a dpp seperator which splits it into 2 lines which feed the 622 all is fine and working properly.

there are 3 other outputs on the bottom labeled to receiver satellite in

How do I get the 211 hooked up?
if I take the line that was hooked up to the 622, and run a check switch I only get the 110 satellite

if I run a line from 1 of the 3 outputs to the 211 and run a check switch I don't get any satellites

I haven't activated the receiver yet, don't I do that after all the satellites are recignized?



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If the 622 is working properly and you remove the cable going into the separator and plug that to the 211 and it doesn't work, sounds like you got a defective 211.

Some receivers require a software download before they recognize certain newer switch configurations, but I think the DPP44 predated the ViP211 by at least a couple of years.

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