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Aug 1, 2006
Back when we moved here we had the TV on one side of the room but then decided to move it and as a result had to "couple" the D* coax to another piece of coax we had. Up until Monday we had a D11 in there. I made a point to ask the installer on Monday if that would be acceptable for the HR2x. He looked at it and shrugged it off saying it would be fine. Since then I have noticed a few issues with the Sat 2 input. I finally looked a few minutes ago (when not even wiggling around the coupling worked) and wasn't surprised to see that the new cable was in Sat 1 while the existing/coupled cable was feeding Sat 2.

I have two questions. First and foremost, should the installer have "OK'd" the coupled connection or should he have run a second cable to the new location? As I've mentioned in the other post the installer was nice and bent over backwards to do everything in his power to leave with everything resolved. (Unlike the two a-holes we had when we moved here...argued after they made a deal that they didn't and then bitched the whole time when called back to follow through.) Will he have any repercussions if I call D* and they have to send out someone to run that other wire? If so, is there anything I can say to help the guy out?


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Mar 7, 2009
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He should have at least checked it to make sure it looked ok. Although not recomended, barrel connectors work fine, it is the same as connecting to a ground block. Try switching the two wires on the receiver and see if it follows the wire or it is the reciever itself. As for helping the guy out, the best chance is that they send him back out again and he won't be back-charged. Other than that, he will be charged for the next guy to roll to your house, no matter what you tell them.

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May 3, 2004
Tighten all the inside fittings......use no tools........If there is still a problem call DTV and ask for someone to check the picture.

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