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Mar 7, 2010
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This is my first post and I have some questions.

I have been a Dish customer for years and always take my Receiver with us in the Motorhome which has a HD TV.

I have a sub with locals for the Homebase, but do not worry about locals while using the motorhome as the roof antenna usually gets us enough local news for where we are at the time.

Until just a few weeks ago I had a vip 211 HD receiver and depending on where we were located I used either a Dish 1000 (110,119 & 129) or a Dish 500 with a 2nd Dish to get 61.5 for HD, etc.
I can honestly say I rarely had a problem with either of the set ups.

At Homebase I use a Dish 1000 (110,119,129 ) set permanently mounted on the roof.

Recently I upgraded to the vip 722 DVR receiver. For the motorhome the Installation Tech gave me a Dish 1000.4 with the 61.5, 72, 77 LNB.

When he installed it at the Homebase the present Dish 1000 (110,119,129) set up worked perfectly.

For the Motorhome, when I tried to use the newer Dish 1000.4 combo, I did the check switch test with acceptable results, but I could only find Sat 72 and the LNB seemed to not switch to say 61.5 or 77, yet I was sure the Dish settings (EL, Skew,etc) were correct.

Here is the question, is there a special set process for the 722 ??

Should I do a receiver Reset ?? If so when??
issue will be with 1000.4 dish tuning rather than problem with 722. power #1 port from receiver and tune from the #2 port works the best for me. you really need a good self powered tuner sch as a sat buddy to make your life alot easier.
Welcome to SatelliteGuys! I haven't dealt with a 1000.4 (I am on western arc and use a 1000) you did do a switch check with no dish connected, then with the 1000.4 connected right?

Yes I did.

In follow up, are there specific transponders on each Bird I should be looking at?? Sometimes I think I am on a transponder that is not transmitting.

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