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Jul 28, 2005
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What would be the right way and the not so right way to do the new account install?

Townhouse HOA rules apply - Non-penetrating roof installation allowed on roof above 2nd story, HOA designated dish location, I have seen other dishes attached to exterior of building at roof line. Exterior cables need to be paint matched to exterior color (I will supply paint). From roof down to ground level (maybe 25ft of exposed cable).

Will the installer paint?

4 TV non-hopper, non-DVR setup (3 upstairs, 1 downstairs). 2 dual tuner boxes? 1 dual + 2 singles?

Pre-existing 40 year old cable already in walls to locations from an exterior weatherproof junction box. wires are already anchored throughout the interior walls, no way of pulling or fishing new wires. Are exposed cables going to need to be run throughout the unit? How would the new run enter the unit? new hole through exterior wall? no crawl or attic access

if it matters 92264 zip code for installation volunteers

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Jul 31, 2010
I can answer 1 question for you for sure.

Installers are not your chances of getting him to paint is very slim. Of course unless you want to cross his palm with silver.

Also, maybe you should check out OTARD as some of your HOA rules may be in violation of that law.

As far as running cabling it all depends on set up. If you want less chance of impact I recommended Hopper/Joey as the Joey's can be ran on rg59 and up. The Hopper line is the only one that has to be rated to 3ghz.