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Oct 18, 2011
Indianapolis, Indiana
I am going to start being a contractor. I have 6 years experience with Dish Network as an internal tech. I heard from someone that DirecTV is easier to install due to the SWiM technology, however, Dish has the Dish Pro Plus stuff.

Does anyone have any advise on either? I really dont know which one is better to work for but I hope to figure it out.


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Dec 2, 2008
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each have its faults but in some situations DTV is better and dish would never work without alot of work due to the DPP .

+1 direct every tv needs a box no more Tv2 issues of rong channel dual splitter back feed of uhf.

Swm rocks if you have a 4 tv install and at the main junction you have one run to the living room and one run to the sub junction that is in the middle of the house ( swim 2way splitter in main and a 4 way in the sub and your done) To do the same with dish you have to dual diplex to the sub line and then run more lines direct to each location or direct to the sub junction.

One install i made major coin due to dish was not able to install due to the lay out of the estate and wanted to wrap the whole place with cable and charge them 3 times for the same programing to feed all tv's. Customer need dish for hindi programing.

Install was for dual to the main junction in basment 3 floors down though empty conduit 4 lines on Ka/ku and 4 lines for dish . at the basment was the main junction with 8 sub junctions one line to each with the conduit maxed out and each sub junction feeding 2-6 rooms.

Swm-8 switches feeding each sub and every tv gets hd boxes. Dish install for this was 6 322 each channel set to a channel from the hind pkg modulated to a cable channel feeding into the cable/ota in on the swm-8 and then a 2way splitter at the box one for sat and one for tv tunner. $$$$ profit

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