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Let's sell these guys a few "aluminum deflector beanies." Might as well make a buck off them.

Contrary to statements made, the vast majority of the Iraqi army had little or no combat experience, or much training, outside the Republican Guard. Long time since that Iraq-Iran war. They were a conscript army. Not terribly motivated.

So picture that guy in his hole, and with no warning his whole world starts shaking, with deafening sounds. He looks over to the unit next to him, and notices they're all dead, and in little bitty pieces spread across a cratered landscape. And B-52 contrails high up in the air.

Yep, see an American, run to surrender, and survive. And be very grateful for the opportunity. Especially when you know the top dogs running your country - are dogs. Read up on Saddam's sons if you have a strong stomach.

Better still, read the Dec 22 comment by True Idiott #22 at the link. Yep, author's credible. NOT.

Ahh, but mind control fantasies are far more entertaining.

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