Interesting: WIFI and Bluetooth Hopper 3 link? (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 5, 2019
We use an external Bluetooth speaker with our Hopper 3. Today, it started dropping out every few minutes. It would reconnect on it's own, but then the cycle would repeat. I rebooted, unpaired and then paired again but no luck. One drop out didn't come back and when I looked Bluetooth was missing altogether. Rebooted and it was there.

Then, I started to look at Gamefinder and it complained that the Hopper wasn't connected to the internet. I checked and it wasn't. When I tried to reconnect to the router it would just time out.

At that point I checked the "router" (actually, a Jetpack) and found that at some point this morning I managed to block the Hopper from connecting to the Jetpack. Once I reversed that, not only did WIFI connect, Bluetooth settled down and has been working properly ever since.

Apparently, if WIFI isn't connecting it impacts Bluetooth too?
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