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Nov 7, 2003
I just purchased two 6th gen iPads that Best Buy had on sale for their anniversary sale. Both are 128GB capacity and were $299 each. They are replacing both the iPads the kids use. My daughter has my old Air 2 WiFi plus cellular that has one crack on the screen and won’t hold a charge and my son has a mini 2 that can’t update to next month’s new OS and the battery won’t hold a charge. Both are 5 years old. I traded in the mini 2 at Best Buy but kept the Air 2 as they wanted to rip me off on that trade in at $25. I got $70 for the mini 2.

$299 is $130 off normal pricing and was too good to pass up.

We also got the Logitech Crayon for both kids but those will be Christmas presents.
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Oct 13, 2003
Jacksonville, FL, Earth
Don't buy the Logitech Keyboards. They fail too often. Both of them my grandkids have failed after 7 months. No warranty. One no longer broadcasts BT, and both have various keys that cease to work.
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