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Feb 3, 2009
Montgomery, AL
I've tried setting up a few recordings through the iPhone app and it always records the SD channel even though I crated the recording under the HD channel. Did this with The Replacements on TBS today, I double checked that I had the HD channel selected but came home to find out that it recorded from the SD version of TBS. Same thing happened on Saturday when i tried to record a basketball game from the HD version of my local Fox, it recorded the SD version.

Am I doing something wrong? This app is pretty pointless if you can't set a recording for HD channels.


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Oct 19, 2004
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!. Make sure your HD channel mapdown is not disabled.

2. If 1. does not work, lock out and hide the SD versions of the channels.


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Sep 9, 2003
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Same problem here, on top of that it does not list local HD channels. But does list local HD channels from some other time zone.

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