Is 121 a DBS or FSS Satellite?


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Oct 29, 2003
Louisville, KY
With the recent developments on the whole SuperDish deal...I can't remember what the 121 bird is. Is it a DBS sat or FSS? Also, my locals are currently on 110 spotbeam 4 (Louisville, KY). Based on some of the things from the chat, I suppose they would be moving at some point. The nice thing is that one of my locals requires the 61.5. I don't have that dish yet, but I guess I should jump on it will be provided by E* for free.

You mean to tell me that they are going to be converting people from Dish500 to SuperDish to receive their locals? If this is the case they will lose some customers in the process because they will not accept that size of dish when the smaller Dish500 worked before.
Okay...thats what I figured since it was in a SD config. Well, if they move my locals, I'll just go OTA since I live close to the transmitters. If I upgrade to SD, I'll need a 4:4+ switch to get either 61.5 or 148 for additional stuff.

The chat did not say they were moving locals from 110 to 121. And that was specifically reiterated by Scott on about page 10 or 11 of that long thread.

They said they will be simulcasting the active locals on 105 on 121 until the customers already with a 105 Superdish can be retrofitted for 121.

You probably got confused when some of the posters in that thread started suggesting that E move locals off 110 to clear room for more hd.
Yeah, I did get confused. I was just wondering if my locals were going to get shifted and I would have to get SD anyway. I agree it doesn't make sense to move locals off the 110 spotbeam to 121.

Well, I didn't get to watch the chat till late last night. My take is that none of the current 110/119 locals will be moving. 4 of the North fringe area locals on 105 will be moving to 121. Other locals will be going to 105 and staying there.(Chatanooga, Arkansas, etc.) Also they are putting more locals on 110/119. Duluth, Springfield, and 3 others.

So 105 will have limited locals. 121 will have locals and international. 110/119 will have more channels than they can handle. :) Side sats will have a couple HD test channels, and the current locals they have.

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