Is 61.9 still being used?


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Apr 8, 2004
Wetumpka, AL
I still have the dish up from Voom (the oversized model) and was reading some of the more recent post and didn't find anything mentioning 61.9.

Has it been moved?

If not, what channels are available on 61.9?
There is nothing on 6.19 and never has there been on 61.9, however 61.5 is in use and contains many HD channels and international channels. :)

Voom pointed at 61.5 :)
Thanks Scott.

I originally typed 61.5, then changed it to 61.9. That's what happens when I haven't had my morning quart of coffee.
whatchel1 said:
Voom legacy here My HD comes off of it and I have had no problems (as opposed to 129) have had no problems w. the signal for my HD's.

Where there any special problems with your installation given you already had this other dish??

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