is it possible to install dish inside?

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Jan 24, 2007
Hey all,

I am new to this forum. I am one of the thousands of cable subscribers who will be affected by the exclusive extra innings package. I am a Dodger fan living in an apartment in Queens, NY. I already know my landlord wont let me install the dish on the outside of the building and I have no balcony.

What are my options? Is it possible to install the dish inside my apartment? I've heard some things about replacing the glass window with plexiglass. Another thing I've thought of is placing the dish in the empty shell of a window mounted air conditioner so the landlord wont see it. Does anybody have any experience with this? Or any other ideas?

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. I can't believe MLB is alienating so many of its fans. Very upsetting but I want to keep my Dodger games on my TV.

Thanks in advance,


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Jan 20, 2006
Cincinnati, OH
Yes it is possible assuming you have a clear view in the right direction(s). I think you're on your own for installation though. I would have a hard time believing you could get a new 5LNB dish to work inside, but a standard dish should work.

A buddy of mine had satellite service in his dorm room by mounting the dish on a tripod. It worked like a champ as long as the window was open.

Todd Humphrey

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Oct 7, 2004
Satellite signals will pass through standard glass. If the glass is coated with some metal materials for thermal or UV reflection, that will affect or kill the signal. If the window becomes really wet, that can also kill the signal. If you can access the glass on the outside, you can coat the glass with some water repellant, and that should solve the water problem. Pam cooking spray works OK, but there is a water repellant for made by KingDome for RV domed dishes that is mind boggling in how effective it repels water.

I have also seen prototypes of a mount that stuck out the window and secured to the wall. It was on a hinge. Once you aligned the dish, you could flip the dish inside and close the window. To watch TV you open the window, flip the dish out and watch TV. Sort of an ugly looking option, but an option none the less.
I have not seen this device on the marker, but I have not been looking for it. The inventor emailed me some pictures a few years back, I will see if I can find them.


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Jan 5, 2007
Another thought.... if you could get together with the other apartments, maybe you could persuade the landlord to install DTV for the whole building. There's a new offering coming up that makes this easier technically (see the thread on FTM - Frequency Translation).
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