Is there a "Tested & Certified" Dish Network USB "Wireless Connector" available yet?

Aug 12, 2010
Wake Forest, NC
Is Dish Network going to really release an "official Dish Network tested & certified" "USB wireless connector" on September 29th?

I would rather do the "wireless connector option" than mess with that SlingLink TURBO option or have to run a 60 foot CAT-5 cable to my wireless router.

Here's what someone posted to recently:

Working "Wireless Connector" List - DBSTalk.Com

"Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to Dish, asking if they had a recommended list of wireless connectors, for connection of the 722 receiver to a home broadband network.

They quickly replied with:

"The information on that page is made available in preparation for a new DISH Network wireless adapter we plan to release on 9/29. If you are interested in connecting your receiver wirelessly, please contact us after that date for pricing and ordering details."

I guess I will delay any purchase, of a connector, until I see for sure what, and how, they will be offering."

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