Is there more to the VOOM Remote than meets the eye? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 9, 2004
Are there any undocumented functions hidden on my VOOM remote? I programmed it according to instructions, and I'd like to use it in lieu of my original TV remote, but I'm missing a boat load of functions found on my original Sony 'mote.

Does the STAR button do anything? Is there any way to get it to run my Sony DVD player? Why include functionality to run a VCR, anyway? What kind of HD videophile is still using a VHS deck?

I wonder if I can program my Sony 'mote to emulate the VOOM functions.


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Mar 30, 2004
Nothern Virginia, D.C. Area
I have succesfully programmed my Yamaha reveiver remote to duplicate pretty much every button on the Voom remote. If you have a learning remote that allows you to simply point the remotes at eachother then you can get rid of the Voom remote. The tricky part is that the labels on my receiver remote don't state exactly what the feature is they control. For example, because of the location my 'straight effect button is my previous channel/back button, and the title button on the receiver remote is the info button on the Voom remote and so on. Because of this if anyone but me uses the remote, which by the way is VVVEERRRYYY rare :D they use the stock remote.

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