Is This Normal????


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Sep 8, 2003
Long Island, NY
I self installed my 811 on Thursday night, replacing my 6000. I pulled the wires off of the 6000 and hooked them up to the 811, did the check switch, DLed the software, programmed my OTA locals in and was good to go. ????
What the...?? Yes, I never called E* to activate the receiver (still haven't) but all my subscribed channels appeared. Is this right? Do they know that I swapped them out, somehow? Has this happened to anyone out there? Do you think they'll charge me for 3 receivers if I hook the 6000 back up? Worrst case scenario, will they charge me for three although I only have 2 hooked up if I don't deactivate the 6000? This is all so strange to me... :? :?

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