Issue With My 722 (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 8, 2008
Jacksonville, NC
I get home last night and all my 722 wants to do it reboot itself, on a couple of occasions it would say looking for signal then reboot again, I unplugged and everything kept getting same problem. I called tech support they are sending me another receiver, but does anyone have any other resolution to my issue I don't expect go get my new receiver until after the weekend. . . This weekend is going to SUCK!!!!
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 31, 2003
Statesboro, Ga
Mine was doing it too. I knew the process and unplugged, reset, etc. Mine finally got a little better. Now, all of a sudden, it wants to record five minutes of a program, then I guess it resets itself, misses five minutes and records twenty minutes more.

I guess I will break down and call dish too. :(


SatelliteGuys Family
Jul 21, 2004
North Central West Virginia
If you can get to the menus you can try system setup then restore factory defaults. It is an outside shot but it has helped me recover from various problems in the past. You will lose your settings and possibly your recordings but it is no good as it is anyway.
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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Oct 13, 2003
Denver, Co
Strange. Could it be a switch issue ? Perhaps the switch needs a reboot. Try powering down everything feeding the switch (all receivers and the power inserter if you have one).

Then plug in just the power inserter and the 722. Try a switch check.

There have also been issues where the switch matrix gets confused. Try pulling the sat feeds from the 722. Power cycle the 722 (pull the plug). Run a switch check (let it fail). Then reconnect the sat feeds and try the switch check again.
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