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Oct 8, 2004
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According to Dish Network's website, we can now get The Weather Channel's "Weather on the 8s" off of channel 100:

Now get your local weather information with the touch of a button from the most trusted name in weather forecasting, The Weather Channel! For the first time ever, satellite viewers can get “Local on the 8s” weather information! Just press select on your remote when you see the special trigger icon located on The Weather Channel (channel 214). You can also access you local weather whenever you want by going to DishHOME (channel 100) and selecting “TWC Weather” under the ‘News’ category. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

TWC Weather introduces DISH Network subscribers to a rich set of weather information from over 19,000 cities and over 33,000 zip codes throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Get Current Conditions, Regional Radar Maps, Short Term Forecast, 5-Day Extended Forecast, select A New City based on zip code or city listing.

Take control of your weather anytime, with DISH Network and The Weather Channel!

* Not available on some receiver models.

I have a 625 and I don't have it yet. My software is L298. Anyone have any idea when this will be available on the 625's? And does anybody out there have it?
Not available here in Tulsa on a 211 .. :( ... but would be an awesome addition.
Persuading the wife to leave cable without this feature was a nightmare.
If it was suddenly available again ... i'd be on a year-long promise ;)
Not on my 622 either, at least not on channel 100 (it still goes to Accuweather) and I can't check TWC right now because they don't seem to be doing "Local on the 8's" at night.

Hopefully we'll be seeing it soon. In the September 13th uplink report there's a channel named "TWCTS". Could it be "TWC Test" or "TWC Transport Stream"?

Maybe it's another case of Dish announcing something before they get it working, like making KBS World a free channel, or putting the ABC shows on VOD.
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I would also like to know some informatio nabout this and which receivers can and cannot get this feature. I guess the DVR's went from the first to get these neat features to the last ones to get them. Do some of you guys remember when those with the higher prices receivers got these goodies first?
I find it amazing that they don't have their interactive services up for their highest cost and technological receivers (VIP's, etc)

Just another head scratcher from DISH.
I thought it did but I guess I did something wrong, somebody call the tecsupport and ask, thats what they told me to do in live chat.
Dish used to bring the best features to the best receivers first. A while back they decided to bring them to the older receivers first with the opentv software because they have the older receivers so it makes them more attractive to have to some people and I think for the main reason - is that they were more likely to have become customers first - their oldest customers. I guess it is to reduce churn to their best customers.
I don't think this feature is available to any receiver right now though.

Don't fancy sitting on hold for 20 mins to be told its not available yet either - i can see its not available ... but the right hand never seems to know what the left hand is doing over at E* .. so i guess its easier to assume its not available until it smacks you in the face.

"Just because we advertise something somewhere does not mean that it is so"

should be the E* slogan.
I have seen a scrolling message at the bottom of channel 100. It says it will start late Sept. It doesn't say of what year. I still have Accuweather on my 625.
how do you get to accuweather? if I go to the channel 100 TWC is the weather channel. I find no way of getting on demand weather.
Coolnate32 said:
how do you get to accuweather? if I go to the channel 100 TWC is the weather channel. I find no way of getting on demand weather.
Go to 100. Select news,then instant weather. This is just the old crappy info dish has been calling instant weather. It just gives current temp and conditions,plus a five day forecast. This is what they are going to replace when TWC info data comes online.
the old weather application NEVER worked... maybe this one will work, i haven't tried yet because i hate waiting for the stupid AP to load... they should cache that stupid application... we have hard drives, d/l in the background version check in the b/g occasionally or nightly with the nightly update... OR ENABLE ETHERNET and USE IT!

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