January 1 and no new channels?


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Sep 8, 2003
Well, it's January 1 and there is nothing new that I've seen yet. Even NewsBytes is still just weather maps.
If VOOM is going to do much at CES, they need to go ahead and get some more stuff up. I can understand holding out ESPN-HD until the last moment considering the price gouging they are putting on every carrier. But, I don't know, it would seem a PR plus to have something added at the crossover point at the beginning of a month.
In the meantime, I have to admit, it sure is nice to have so much more HD than I had my prior main satellite service.
I guess the scuttlebutt now is January 15 will bring things of interest.
Agree completly with you Wally. The day is not over yet and usually when csr's report new channels by a certain date it occurs two or three days after. Csrs are known to not know the whole picture of what's happening. Again, this could be all wishful thinking in our part. Let's sit it out and wait because this month should be an exciting month - newsbyte, playboy, etc...
Cablevision & Voom are in lockdown until the New Year weekend is over. I read this on the Yahoo Voom forum. so I would not expect any channels to be added until the weekend is over at the very least.
Jan 2 - 1 new channel I think, # 325 Fuel - just another do nothing channel, of course not HD, picture quality bad compared to Directv.
325 was originally slated for the Golf Channel. I guess V* could not get the Gold Channel and instead opted for Fuel. SD channel with no compelling interest. I rather watch Rush.
Ditto Sean, these X-Gen channels are pretty cool, but I don't need more than 1 and certainly not in SD.

Where is HBO, Cinemax and Playboy-HD?