Joey "Noise"


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Mar 25, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
I haven't yet checked this in my basement (very limited use, so I never thought to go down there yet) - but with the Joey in my bedroom, I get a weird noise if I skip forward or backwards. It isn't the receiver itself, but it's showing through the TV audio (connected via HDMI)

It either 1) is a LOUD, high pitched "chirp" of sorts, or 2) it's a series of 3-4 "clicks" within a second or so of pressing the button. It happens both going backwards or forwards (jumping, not sure about straight FF/RW) - and it happens the majority of the time. By majority of the time, I'd say if you jump ahead through commercials, it does it 2 out of 3 "skips" (saying it's probably 5-6 skips to get past all the commercials and back to the show)

Anyone else see this? I'll have to do some further checking and compare it to the basement. I'm not sure if this a software issue in which I'm hearing some artifacting during the mute of the skip, or if it's something to do with my cabling between the Hopper and Joey.

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