Joey suddenly freezes with different channel on tiny screen


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Aug 18, 2018
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I’m new to Dish’s Hopper/Joey machines. Our Joey will be playing fine and suddenly jump off channel, freeze up with a small tv picture in the upper left corner of my 55” tv about the size of an 8x10. The picture in that little rectangle isn’t even the channel we were watching. Resetting doesn’t clear the problem, because it will eventually do it again. No functions on the remote will work when this happens except the power button. We must turn off the tv then it will work until it does it again. The Dish folks have been out and the techs I call say everything looks good. Has anyone an idea what is going on, ‘cause they sure don’t.
Wait till you turn on your TV and Netflix menu is on the screen and the sound is from the last channel you were watching and none of the buttons work.

Just reboot. That's all they'd be able to suggest if you call.

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Most Joey problems are actually Hopper problems. Have any of the techs replaced your Hopper?
I have had this happen a few times always after using Netflix on the joey then ending Netfix and switching back to regukar channels. Sometimes it will reboot itself after freezing or I will have to do it myself. I just dont think the joey has the horsepower to do 4k reliably. I will point out this is the 4k joey.

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I can watch about an hour and a half of Netflix on the Joey 2.0 before it locks up.

In that room I only use my Playstation to watch Netflix now.

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