Joint Statement from DirecTV & Dish Network

I have to agree with andrewj0781 about the laws on this being screwed up. For I live in the Altoona-Johnstown market and worked in both Dubois and State College where there cable companies will give them a few CBS and ABC stations. For example Dubois receives Channel 2 KDKA and WTAJ 10 for CBS and they also receive WATM 23 and WTAE 4 ABC stations. How they can receive two of them is beyond me for I thought the laws only allowed a person access to the local one. Then in State College their cable company airs two ABC channels WATM 23 Altoona and WNEP 16 Scranton Wilkes-Barre. I don't understand these laws on why some cable companies can do this but the satellite companies are not allowed to show two of the same networks for the viewer. I do realize there are distant networks but there are the rules that apply for these. Not to mention the local CBS here WTAJ would not pass a waiver for me a few years ago in order to receive a distant CBS. Now this was before the locals were added on January 29, 2004. Much of the whole distant network stuff just does not add up to me.
I live in Modesto, CA, my locals are from Sacramento. I would also like to receive the San Francisco locals as I live only 92 miles from that city and have lived there. Both locals are on the same spot beam. Where is my freedom of choice? I am originally from Minnesota and would like to also receive the Minneapolis locals . Technically I can't do that because of the spotbeam limitations. I accept that. The only reason I could not subscribe/receive to an out of area local should be a technical one. Otherwise I should be able to receive what I am willing to pay for.

What is this crap about protecting local telecasters!? Do we not believe in competition? If we believe in protectionism shouldn't we then ban all products not made in the USA to save American jobs?

Connecting RF out from receivers to rest of house

Dish to Rcvr Connection

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