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May 23, 2013
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Anyone else work the JOTA event last weekend or talk with any of the Scouts or Weeblos? Our club, W6EK used special event call K6J and sponsored a site with 7 stations at the county fairgrounds. Had about 125 visitors and had a blast helping Scouts meet requirements for the radio badge. Fun seeing the excitement as they made their first radio contacts!

I used the special event call sign Friday night on 20 and 40m. Only about 30 contacts, but had openings into S. America, S. Pacific, S. Africa and St. Helena Island! Great evening to be working the special event station. :)

A week ago I knew nothing more than what IRLP meant. After being asked to work the event demonstrating and being the control op for Scouts on IRLP, I went into learning mode and had a great club Elmer teach me "everything about IRLP" and also allowed us to use his simplex node station (about 10 miles from the fairgrounds) to access the different reflectors. Now I feel very comfortable with IRLP and going to build a RSPi node for home.

Here is a video from the event:
Hiya Brian,

Yes, our club, the Delaware Valley Radio Association held a JOTA event at our club station W2ZQ. The whole day scouts were coming to the shack where we had 2 HF and 1 VHF/UHF station set up. Many had the opportunity to work other scouts around the country, and even Europe. It was well worth it to give them the opportunity to experience ham radio first hand. And some of the parents asked a lot of questions and became interested in becoming hams too.
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