Just got my 921!


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Nov 26, 2003
Well, I didn't post before it arrived 'cause I didn't want to jinx it. Picked up one that was sold here on the Sat Guys classifieds.

Here's the short, bleary-eyed version:
  • - Arrived at dinnertime... Domestic tranquility dictated that I pause (the setup, not the PVR :) ) after opening the box.[/list:u]
    • - By about 8PM, I was just getting everything wired. Had forgotten that I was using RGB from my 6000, so I had to rig up another input for component. Will have to order a DVI-I -> RGB adapter.[/list:u]
      • - Got it activated around 8:15. Added as additional receiver. Glad I kept the 6000 active, 'cause it's obvious to me that I'll still need it![/list:u]
        • - Took quite a while to force it to see my local OTA channels consistently (1 scan, then many times around the individual "Add DTV" whenever it lost all OTA).[/list:u]
          • - After another call to Dish, got CBS-HD turned on @ 148. Definitely necessary since there's guide info for it (no info for my local CBS) and it is more stable than OTA.[/list:u]
            • - I've hit lots of bugs, and managed to cause it to spontaneously reboot 2 or 3 times.[/list:u]
              • - Now have lots of timers set up. We'll see how well it handles them![/list:u]
                That's it for now. Will post observations on the forum tomorrow.

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